Risk management

At Fritom risk management is about having clear structures in place and having transparent business activities. This makes it easier to identify the goal and assess systematic risks in the fields of strategy, finance, IT, operation and reputation.

Risk management by analyses

Fritom Corporate manages risks by performing risk analyses and assessing the possible impacts. We do this by, for example, having a damage dashboard in our Business Intelligence software. On basis of the analyses we decide how we’ll deal with risks. We make risks manageable by having periodic updates and giving specific advice about the to be taken measures.

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Risk management slot

Business continuity plan

To sum it up: Risk management helps to not only analyze potential business risks but also have a business continuity plan in place. Good risk management covers many facets, including housing, material and employees. But also, digital risks regarding the GDPR. Fritom therefore will take care of the best insurance plans covering all business facets. By identifying the risks and taking action if and where needed, we maintain the highest level of service for our clients.

At Fritom we take care of

  • Risk management by thorough analyses
  • A business continuity plan

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