Legal support

Fritom Corporate is responsible for the legal support of all Fritom subsidiaries. The arena of legal affairs is very diverse to say at least. Therefore, we have specialized legal and insurance experts to support us in case of need.

Legal and governance-related matters

Fritom subsidiaries can call upon our legal department to help with various matters like labor or contract legislation, contract law or screening supplier contracts. Solid legal contracts are at the base of business continuity and certainty after all.

Other responsibilities of our legal department deals:

  • Overseeing proper and solid implementation of legislation (GDPR, whistleblower protection act).
  • Contract drafts, labour agreements and nondisclosure agreements.
  • Checking framework or covered agreements, sales contracts, notarial deeds and internal stock exchange documents.
  • Guarding the implementation of statutory regulations.
  • Give advice about compliance.
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