Business development

Business development builds partnerships to ensure a healthy and sustainable growth of the Fritom Companies. The foundation for this is a clear strategy – which is compared with trends, market developments and supply & demand.

Creating sustainable innovations

For some of our clients we have been providing the same service for years in a row – with only a little tweak here and there. But we also find it important to be the innovative partner for both existing as well as new clients by focusing on horizontal expansion. Moving into emerging markets and find new merges on products and markets. Like for our liquid logistics division, where we have expanded our services transporting technical products for industrial clients. When doing so we of course focus on the most sustainable solutions for both ourselves as our clients.

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Bringing solutions for business challenges

Business development brings solutions to the table based on solid research. By doing so we get a clear picture on the business opportunities and possible threats, resulting in a plan leading to logistic optimization. To reduce costs, we look at needs, possibilities and desires, and dare to not just follow the standard path, but create our own – while keeping an eye on our important relationships. That is what good entrepreneurship is all about after all.

At Fritom Corporate we take care of

  • Creating sustainable innovations
  • Bringing solutions for business challenges

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