Our story

The founders of Fritom are three Frisian logistic companies. In 1971 Wiersma Bolsward, Veenstra Heeg and Doorenbos Bolsward decided to join forces and start Melkweg|Fritom to stimulate and expend the transport section in the region. They were one of the first transport companies to focus on bulk-collected milk. This pioneering initiative formed the base of today’s Fritom Group; a group of logistic service providers with ten locations and over 700 employees.

Beyond Friesland

Fritom is an abbreviation for the Dutch words Friese Transportontwikkelingsmaatschappij (Frisian Transport Development Company). Almost half a century after establishing Melkweg|Fritom, Fritom’s activities have ventured far across the Frisian border. With Fritom Companies in Bolsward, Heeg, Veendam, Enter, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Uden the Fritom Group has become a major player on the national market. Fritom belongs to the top of logistic service providers in The Netherlands.

Melkweg Fritom oude foto
Nieuwe pand Fritom Corporate


Together Fritom Corporate and the seven Fritom subsidiaries form the Fritom Group. The subsidiaries have the logistic know-how: it is part of their DNA. Fritom Corporate acts as a hub, bringing all subsidiaries and external parties together and support them in financial matters, risk management, strategy, legal affairs, business development, IT and R&D.